Accommodation & Apartments Mooloolaba Spit

To give yourself a holiday in Mooloolaba is giving yourself the luxury of choice. One of holiday makers’ traditional favourite destinations for its miles of safe beach, it is the newer funky vibe of Mooloolaba after dark that visitors are embracing with smiles.
Mooloolaba continues to boast one of the coast’s best family beaches with its north-east aspect ensuring protection from the elements. Simply lie on the beach with a good book or take hold of life and try kite surfing — your choice. From the sedate to the thrilling, beach activities cater to all types of families.

During the past 10 years Mooloolaba has become one of Australia’s most vibrant and exciting beach front developments, delivering a delicious modern injection into local fun, food and fashion. There is no better place to grab fresh seafood right off the back of a trawler. Mooloolaba’s extensive variety of seafood fare is made possible by direct waterway passages and a devoted community of local fishermen. The cosmopolitan esplanade is at the centre of this development with internationally-renowned oceanfront restaurants and luxury accommodation to match.

While bikinis, thongs and beer are as acceptable as they have always been, designer dresses, stilettos and cocktails are a welcome addition. A perfect blend of hip and unpretentious.

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