Sunshine Coast holiday eats for all budgets

Sunshine Coast holiday eats for all budgets

Sunshine Coast holiday eats for all budgets

The Sunshine Coast has an incredible range and diversity of restaurants and food options, meaning you can trust you are taking your taste buds on a great holiday with you!

No matter your budget, the Sunshine Coast can be a foodie’s paradise. If you’re counting dollars and cents to get away, you can still enjoy a great range of eating delights. At the other end of the scale, if you’re coming ready to splurge on luxury, there are just as many fine dining options to enjoy.

Here is a list of our top 5 cheap eats and 5 gourmet dining experiences on the Coast to give you an idea of what’s around as you plan your Sunshine Coast holiday.


  1. Head up the stairs from the Mooloolaba Esplanade to The Beach Bar & Grill for a great deal on dinner with a view. With tables overlooking a spectacular view of the ocean and a huge menu of craft beer and food, you can’t do much better for their prices! You won’t break your holiday budget at lunch time with all the mains coming in under $20. Otherwise come in on Tuesday nights for their $15 steak night, or Wednesdays for the $17 burger & beer nights to get a bargain.
  2. The Good Bar is not leading you on with its name – it really is one of the best places to eat in Mooloolaba – especially on a budget. They do a delicious range of American comfort food along with a selection of premium cocktails and craft beers. Their usual menu has a large selection of mains under $20, but if you want a real deal make sure you come in for one of their weekly events. Mondays are all you can eat ribs, wings & sliders, Wednesdays are wings night (24 for $15!), and Thursdays have burgers for only $10!
  3. Get a quality taste of Mexican street food at a price you’ll love at La Canteena. Their venue set up is like stepping off a street of Mexico, with all the summer holiday vibes you’d expect. Their normal menu is priced in a range that won’t break the bank, but if you want to save even more then make the most of their weekly specials. Wednesdays with $3 tacos, Thursdays with $0.50 wings, 2 for 1 lunches on Fridays and Sunday’s $5 menu!
  4. Rice Boi is the place to be if you’re looking for an Asian taste sensation on a budget. Their range of Asian fusion dishes is to die for, but you won’t have to sacrifice your holiday budget to enjoy it. The most expensive dish on their menu is only $22, with most mains ranging from $10 – $15. Be warned, however – it’s very hard to just pick one main meal when the food is so good!
  5. If old school American slow cooked soul food sounds mouth-watering to you, check out Dirty Moes bar and eatery for a great deal. Lunch comes in cheap with $15 lunch trays and $12 burger options. They also have great weekly specials to take advantage of with $20 brisket Wednesdays, Thursday night burger night for $17 (with a sides of fries), or Friday’s happy hour $10 meal menu.


  1. Take yourself on a journey of contemporary Asian fusion with a sensational degustation banquet at the Spice Bar. With an open kitchen, indoor dining, balcony seating or private function room, you will be dining in style with an amazing view of the ocean at Mooloolaba. The delicious menu is matched with an incredible cocktail and wine list. Combining that with the ambience and views of the ocean means you are in for a great night out!
  2. Bella Venezia is an award-winning hot spot on the Mooloolaba Esplanade that is worth a night out for. With a mix of modern and classic Italian style foods, they have most recently won the 2018 diners’ choice award from Open Table and been awarded a certificate of excellence from Trip Advisor. They have a premium list of ingredients that puts their food a notch above the rest with locally sourced seafoods and Italian imported ingredients. Every dish looks amazing and tastes it too!
  3. The Spirit House in Yandina may be a little bit of a drive away, but it is worth every minute of travel for the dining experience of a lifetime! Set amongst tropical gardens around a tranquil pool with the sounds of nature, you will feel like you have teleported overseas while eating at this Asian food venue. You also know the food is going to be good when the restaurant has its own award-winning cooking school attached to it! This is not a place for a spontaneous night out – it is so popular you will need to make a booking to get a table in advance.
  4. If you’re looking for a modern cuisine in a relaxed environment, then look no further than Orleans Restaurant and Bar. Drawing inspiration from New Orleans cuisine with a modern French twist, they have an amazing menu to choose from. For an added touch, dining on Thursday nights is done by candlelight, and Friday evenings have live music from local talented musicians.
  5. See Restaurant sports some of the best waterfront views in Mooloolaba with a delectable ocean inspired cuisine. Not only do you have the best view of the water, but you are sitting on the water in their over-water dining venue connected to the Wharf. They have fresh seafood provided by the local trawlers, and an impeccable cellar collection. This is another dinner spot to book in advance, as it is a popular venue for weddings and functions.

These are just a few of the many incredible dining options on the Sunshine Coast to help you get started with your holiday plans. We hope you enjoy your dining experiences on the Sunshine Coast as much as we do!!

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